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I shop online so infrequently that searching for a coupon code never occurs to me during checkout. Now, thanks to Coupon Digger, I'll never have to worry about missing a discount again.

Awesome! You forget you have it installed until it pops open when you are checking out and auto-magically tests all the coupon codes online to find the one that will save you the most. Love it!

Q: What is Coupon Digger?
A. Coupon Digger is a browser plug-in (also known as an add-on or extension) that automatically finds you the biggest savings at checkout. With one click, Coupon Digger applies every applicable coupon code from our database to your order. Never search for coupon codes again. It's the easiest, fastest way to save money online!
Q: Is it Free?
A. Yes. The Coupon Digger plug-in is 100% free to install and use.
Q: How does it work?
A. It's simple! Shop online at your favorite stores. At checkout, Coupon Digger notifies you when coupon codes are available and asks if you'd like to apply them to your order. Click "Yes" and we automatically apply the coupons that save you the most money!
Q: do i need to create an account?
A. No. You don't need to create an account or sign up for anything. Simply install the plug-in, shop and save!
Q: What Browsers do you support?
A. Coupon Digger is available on Google Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer and Safari coming soon!
Q: Will I be asked to share my personal information?
A. No. We do not ask for, or collect, any of your personal information.