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We found 8 Monster.com Coupons
Store DISCOUNT Last Verified EXPIRE DATE Code
2 Monster.com 25% off jobs and bolding 04/24/14 04/30/14
306 Monster.com Up to 40% off on Job Postings 04/21/14 On-going
980 Monster.com Up to 35% off 04/21/14 On-going
1031 Monster.com Up to 36% off 04/21/14 On-going
5901 Monster.com 20% off two postings 04/21/14 On-going
6490 Monster.com 30% off Three postings 04/21/14 On-going
6491 Monster.com 10% off one 60 Day job posting 04/21/14 On-going
6492 Monster.com $55 off 60-Day job posting 04/21/14 On-going

2013-04-22 19:27:59

Hi Ed, Thanks for your post. We have deleted 25% off coupon. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this coupon.

2013-04-18 08:15:36

Beware of a scam at Monster.com. This code DOES NOT WORK. I pasted the 25% coupon code into the box, it accepted the coupon and displayed it. BUt then when I went to checkout it didn't subtract the 25%. When I called customer service, I was on the phone a long time, and then told they can't refund the 25%. The only way is to cancel your ad and wait up to 37 days (that's what customer service quoted, a week plus 30 days). And then place the ad again with a better code.

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